Natural Deodorant

Which natural but efficient deodorant should I choose ?

I think it’s been one of the biggest challenges since all the industrial ones, or almost, contain aluminium salts used for their anti-perspirant properties. You must know that aluminium salts are now blamed to be responsible for breast cancer, hormonal issues, kidney issues, and a few recent studies found a connection between the use of these ingredients and Alzheimer’s disease.

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Just in case you were not already scared enough to use them daily on your armpits close to your main glands…

Increasingly worrying side effects of spray deodorants have been noticed. Experts have warned that over-using spray deodorants leads to inhaling chemicals from the aerosols that can cause allergic skin reactions, asthma and breathing difficulties. Not to mention how bad it is for the environment...  

It is also good to remind that our body absorbs up to 80% of what we apply on our skin, so we'd better make sure we use clean stuffs.

So now you are aware of the BIG issue, how do we do ? Unless your are lucky enough to live without deodorant… this is not the case for most people. The challenge has been to find something effective that would last, that could handle my daily (sweaty) yoga practice. I’ve tried dozens and read many comparative posts or articles. 

One of the first effective options I have found, even though it didn’t tick all the boxes, is the solid deodorant Aromaco from Lush. It handles nearly a full day keeping me fresh, it has a neutral smell, is packed with natural ingredients, and most of all, doesn’t contain any aluminium salts. It is made with sodium bicarbonate, naturally absorbant. On the down side, I just noticed that after some time using it, it tended to irritate my sensitive skin since it is quite dry to apply and you have to rub it several times on each armpit to get a satisfying amount of product on the area. So, to me, it is not suitable to use every day.



My absolute favorite after years of research and unsuccessful trials is the brand The Natural Deodorant Co.

This is actually the only one that ticks ALL the boxes and matches all the criteria. It smells nice and natural, it keeps me fresh every single day, even on hot sweaty days, and I never had to apply it more than once a day even when teaching or practising several times per day. HUGE hit ! It has a creamy texture that doesn't leave any mess. It keeps my sensitive skin hydrated and smooth and contains zero nasties. It is handmade in the UK, you can have it delivered worldwide and soon the packaging will be 100% plastic free. So far, it comes packed in a glass jar with a plastic lid which makes it totally reusable at home for other purposes.

On the ingredients list you will find,
organic coconut oil
wild fairly traded shea butter to hydrate and soothe,
- innovative blend of magnesium oxide and sodium bicarbonate to create total odour control,
and for the scented ones, some essential oils for the fragrance. All good !
On the down side... I can't find any ! Incredible but true, there's no negative side. It is of course more expensive than a traditional (shitty) deodorant but it is MUCH more healthy as this is not an anti-perspirant but it does what it claims, it deodorises. So it won't prevent you from sweating, which is highly unhealthy anyway, but will leave you odours-free. The big jar costs £11 and lasts between 4 to 8 weeks (I would say mine lasts up to 6 weeks) so it's not such a big monthly budget. Of course it is vegan/cruelty free and responsibly sourced. So if you're still looking for the perfect natural deodorant, give it a try, you surely won't regret it.


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