Personal Journey, Ethos and Philosophy of Yoga

“ Yoga is the union between body, mind and soul.“

Although as a humble yoga student I will always be working on this ultimate quest, yoga helped me to feel more at peace with my body. I came to Yoga after struggling many years with major health issues. My body at that time was just representing a kind of prison in which my mind was stuck. Even though traditional medicine helped me and partly cured me, I decided to slightly withdraw myself from the unique western approach on health in general. I declined a few medical treatments, too invasive and with too many scary side effects with low promises on the benefits and outcomes. However, I also thought that at some point, I couldn't just decline solutions offered to me without trying something else. This was at that specific moment in my life that I decided to give Yoga a go, attracted by the holistic side of it.

In my first class, I was completely lost, behind the pace of the flow, I didn’t know any pose’s name, never did a sun salutation before and it was probably ridiculous to watch but… I totally loved it. And I knew straight away that I just touched something. I kept going to classes on a daily basis and totally felt in love with the asana practice. After a few months, I could already feel huge benefits in my body. I recovered my past dancer’s flexibility quite quickly, the pain that I had been experiencing for ages in my body started to wear off. Before starting, I couldn’t reach something on the floor without suffering and soon I was back to my full wheel ! Yoga became part of my balance, and fully part of my life. Or at least, what I thought was yoga. It became obvious early in my practice that I needed more. My own practice of asanas was not enough. I started to look into the other aspects of yoga but without really knowing where to start. I have been lucky to have two really inspiring mentors who were clearly part of this new growing passion.

I started to think about teaching quite early in my practice. I needed to share this passion and this sensation of well-being with other people, and doing a yoga teacher training appeared as the best way to deepen my practice and knowledge about Yoga. It all seemed like a crazy dream. It meant a big time and money investment and a big commitment. How would I make this work with a busy freelance job as a graphic designer, a toddler...?

Within a few weeks, I had chosen the course I wanted to join, tried a session, loved it, decided to do it, worked hard to fund it it and… signed up ! It was one of the scariest decisions that I’ve made but also one of the most exciting (and definitely the best !). 

Graduate from a Yoga Teacher Training 200YTT certified by Yoga Alliance in London,
I’m excited to teach and share some light with other people.
Yoga is much more than just doing crazy, graceful or beautiful asanas.
It is clearly a way of life in many ways. And during my training it’s been just like if, finally,
all the pieces of my life’s puzzle came together. That was it !
It just matched what I was already implementing and changing in my life,
trying to be more green, more fair, more healthy, more aware of our environment
and the massive challenges coming ahead for all of us, more mindful of my body and choices.
It just matched my personal philosophy and visceral need to find a good balance and feel at peace.

 Photo Credit : Anne Mugnerot

Photo Credit : Anne Mugnerot

By teaching yoga, I hope that I will be able to help people access this sense of well-being that clearly changed my life, this sense of calm felt just after an intense practice of asanas, pranayama or meditation. My work will be to help my students to keep those sensations in the daily life even off the mat. Sensible to the Ayurvedic approach, I would really love to share my knowledge about natural remedies and healthy lifestyle based on my own experience as a patient, still living with long-term diseases.

“ Everyone has his own way to find what feels good to him/her.

I see Yoga as a powerful and magic tool to reach that goal in an easier and quicker way and to keep it in the life’s long-run. “