Prenatal Yoga & Birth Preparation

Becoming a mother is a very special journey.
This time of great changes and transformation is a time for women
to reconnect to their innate life-giving powers and intuitive wisdom.

Pregnant women naturally experience daily shift and changes both physically and emotionally
and yoga is a powerful and effective tool to adapt to these changes.
The prenatal yoga classes are also a chance for mums-to-be to deeply relax
and it reinforces their connection with their growing baby.
Classes are suitable to women who used to practice regular yoga classes as well as complete beginners.

The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga


Effective and powerful birth preparation

becoming familiar with pain-relieving breathing techniques and physical positions for an active birth. It is also a great way to include the birth partner into labour as many poses can be done in pairs to go through all the stages with more support. 

General health

Increased energy and immunity, yoga improves a general level of good health for the expectant mother which also benefits the unborn baby.

Management of conditions

such as sciatica, heartburn, tiredness, pelvic girdle pain and many others.

Improved bodily strength and adaptive alignment

helping the body to gradually adapt to the growing foetus and prepare the body and pelvis for birth.


meeting other pregnant women provides a great sense of support throughout this important stage of a woman’s life and even allows to create supportive friendships when baby is here.

Body-mind balance and confidence

Happy Mummy, Happy Baby!
Being pregnant is a powerful thing that can also make you feel vulnerable. Yoga is empowering both body and mind and will help fighting stress, anxiety or even prenatal depression.


Prenatal yoga classes usually include:

general well-being screening as an introduction, breathing techniques and gentle warm up,
prenatal adapted sun salutations variations, standing and seated poses modified
with the use of props whenever applicable, relaxation and/or guided meditation.

Yoga birth preparation in private sessions:

Yoga birth preparation sessions are a wonderful and powerful way to prepare both the body and the mind to birth and labour.
With the means of breathing techniques, suitable physical poses for active birth, stress management to go through all stages
of labour, it is also an inclusive way for the birth partner to be active and supportive throughout labour and birth.
Sessions can be taken by the expectant mother only or with a birth partner
who can play a key and supportive role throughout all stages.

No matter the scenario, active and natural birth, planned c-section, or unforeseen complications, yoga will be the best tool and companion to empower the mum-to-be to welcome her baby into the world.