Private 1-to-1 classes

Not every body is the same. Not every reason to come to yoga is the same.

Wether you are completely new to yoga and don't feel comfortable to join a group class,
or you want to deepen your practice in a more intimate environment or you're recovering from an injury,
a 1-to1 class can be a great way to get on tracks by getting a very special attention. 
The classes will be tailor-made according to your needs, level of practice and experience of yoga.
I can teach you dynamic vinyasa sessions as well as more restorative classes or yoga nidra sessions.

We can also workshop on some poses if you set yourself some challenging goals.
I will be more than happy to assist you in your practice and bring you some suitable verbal cues and/or
hands-on adjustments according to your very own body.

I can welcome you in my little winter garden located in East Greenwich (weather permitted) where I can provide mat and props
or I can come to your place in South East London, the choice is yours.
(Please note that for other areas in London, fees may increase to cover travel expenses and commute time.)
On sunny days we can also practise in local community parks and do proper sun salutations!

Feel free to invite your loved one(s) to join our private session and spread the cost
if you have space to welcome a few more mats!


One-off yoga session

This is a good way to decide wether you will give yoga a good go or if you want to work on a specific area/pose/injury.
You can purchase your class here and I will then contact you to find the best time/place to catch-up. Don't hesitate to give me a shout before booking if you have any question!



5 sessions pack

A good value pack if you want to enjoy a few classes that could be designed as a 5-week course depending on your needs/expectations. I can prepare a 5 week beginner course as well as more advanced topics such as how you can integrate inversions into your practice or work on specific areas of your body.



10 sessions pack

If you feel that you need time to gain confidence or your just enjoy the one-to-one attention in your regular yoga practice, this is the best pack for you. Within 10 classes, we can build up together a real path of progression no matter the style/level you want to experience. We can also use these classes to allow you to try different styles of yoga from power to yoga nidra.