How are the sessions designed?


The Personal Training session is designed as follows: 60 min fitness sessions touching on all areas of fitness. Whether you're into fitness or this is your first step this session is designed to be fun, dynamic and diverse. You will try new things and excel in your fitness journey. All sessions will start with a warm-up and include multiple fitness disciplines before finish with a full body assisted stretch to ensure no aches and pains.

Yoga session is designed as follows: Introduction with breathing exercises to enhance focus and get into the practice, warm-up, sun salutations (series of poses repeated a few times), flow of standing and seated poses, Savasana (relaxation for a few minutes lying still on the back). Depending on the body areas you would like to work on, flow will be tailor-made as much as needed.

The nutrition consultation is designed as follows: during this sit down we will cover the basics in sports nutrition and develop some goals for your training. We will take a look in to your current nutrition and the changes that can be made to cater for your specific goal through means of food diaries and more. You will leave having learnt lots of hot tips and new science along with multiple documents for your further reading

Where will the sessions take place?

We are happy to offer you different options for your private sessions:

  • We can come to your own place if that's the most convenient and you can enjoy the sessions in the comfort of your own space.
  • We can organise your sessions in a pt/yoga studio in Greenwich where we will rent the space (additional charges apply, approximatively £10/hour).
  • We can organise your sessions in a  studio in Canada Water where we will rent the space (additional charges apply, approximatively £10/hour).


A 30% deposit (£336) must to be paid upon booking to secure your training. Payment by installments to be discussed and agreed upon consultation. Please contact us or use the contact form below to book your package and we will send you our payment details.

Terms & Conditions

Cancellations: You have 14 calendar days to change your mind if you don't wish to use your package anymore. Please give us notice as soon as possible if that were the case.

Sessions cancellations and rescheduling: We understand that life can hectic and you might not be able to attend one of your sessions after booking. We are happy to offer the option to reschedule your session if you give us 24 hours notice. Unfortunately, we can't offer to reschedule any session cancelled less that 24 hours prior to appointment. In such a case, you would have to pay for an extra session if you still wish to take a block of three sessions.

Validity of the sessions: You will have to make sure you use your 24 sessions within 4 calendar months from the date of purchase. Any sessions not used within this time frame are non-refundable and you won't be offered to possibility to reschedule them.

After booking you will receive an email from us to confirm your purchase. You will also ind attached a physical activity readiness questionnaire that you will have to return us or bring along at the first session.

Liloo Ait Amrane an Olly Masters are both insured and certified professionals.


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